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My birthday and some other shit I must include.

2009-05-12 21:37:23 by sonicpokemon

I will be seventeen on the 27th of this month, now it is kind of exciting, I am getting a sig from my girlfriend and me and Jesuslizard might finally update our webcomic, yes I will spamvertise the webcomic in this.

This summer is one I am looking forward, I am not going to Norway for once, my cousin is visiting. My girlfriend is visiting me during July and I am excited about that, cause I may be able to go back with her for a while. I am also learning to drive sometime during the summer.

Now, I have also kept a journal and I have noticed I have a certain talent when writing. I also wrote a hate rant about Twilight. I regarded in this rant that I want to kill the author, now do not freak out from that, a lot of people agree with me. Even if you like the books, this rant should still be funny.

Of course, I hate Oklahoma weather, especially during the summer. Today it Rained, became clear and then rained again. I like to place bets on the weather here.

In a recent debate with a few people, I still say Street Fighter is better than Super Smash Bros. In most instances I mention this someone has to flame me for it and then I end up getting them in the pain.

I have become much more cynical than I used to be, do I care, no.

I finish of the important stuff with a question.

Would you send me to a crazy farm?

My rant:
I hate al people who think Twilight is a good book. I want to beat the author with Call of Cthulhu, Wolfman and Dracula. Obviously this person needs to learn about monsters, and at least use vampires from anime or other movies, instead of fruity glitter boy! Edward can fuck himself and who the fuck names a character Bella, that is like naming a girl "whore"! I bet Disney will make a fucking spin-off series from that book. They always take bad ideas and make them worse. I want to burn these books and the person who wrote them!

Notice: I will be getting flash hopefully soon. Most of my work will be done with JesusLizard.

My birthday and some other shit I must include.


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2009-05-12 21:49:58


sonicpokemon responds:

Does you liek Fawful?


2009-05-20 14:19:29

Nuff Said about Twilight man :] Fuck that shit! >:C

sonicpokemon responds:

Me and my girlfriend want to burn the books.


2009-06-02 04:00:14

I didn't yiff you on your birthday, I'm sorry.

You want I should do it now?


2009-06-20 21:37:40

Wow, I have that game

Now lets see if I can dig up my GBA from many years ago