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i like cute things

2008-08-05 14:03:21 by sonicpokemon

go ahead and make fun of me
but still i luv cute things
and yes i am a male so deal with it

i like cute things


2008-08-05 03:09:53 by sonicpokemon

fear the powar of chowder


funny link

2008-08-02 23:41:24 by sonicpokemon

look at this


2008-08-02 02:32:29 by sonicpokemon

eksplosjon fra fortiden
jeg elsket papir mario når den for det første kom ut


pic lol w00t

2008-07-29 15:46:48 by sonicpokemon

yeah lol funny i think this is

pic lol w00t

gret dog aint amused

2008-07-28 14:09:27 by sonicpokemon

i have beeen boreded
lol anger isnt even fun anymore


2008-07-23 20:51:40 by sonicpokemon

hahahahaahhahahahahahahahhahhahahahaha hahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahah ahahahahahhahahahahahaha help me hahhaahhahhahahahahahahahahah plz hahahahhhahaahahahhaahahhaah shoot me please hahahahhhahahahahahahahahahahahha aaaaaaaaahahahaahhahhahaaaaaaaahahahah ahahah
random jokes aside
i have nothing to say

best song ever

2008-07-20 03:29:32 by sonicpokemon 1-steve_ouimette-devil_went_down_to_ge orgia__guitar_hero_original_.mp3.html
its so damn awesome

ok this is what i think
PET + pokeball = robo cube
i just confused myself

norway: the beginning

2008-06-21 06:43:41 by sonicpokemon

flights = dreadful
well its been a good first few days cause my uncle made food (he is a great cook) and i played with my cousins dog