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this is a long random thought
il do this every week or so just for the hell of it
as you can tell im a very active member sometimes i fall asleep with a forum open on my comp but due to insomnia that doesnt happen
my insomnia is due to trauma from when i was 5 so yeah
oh and yesterday i totally lifted a huge fallen tree and i out raced a rabbit (it really happened)
if you have and nintendo wifi games
il post my friendcodes really soon
im really good at brawl and mkwii
people say i have changed a lot
oh well i ran out of things to say for now

its true cause one my avatars are always furry
plus im not a lizard at heart
if you like to hear me rant pull up a chair
im a wolf at heart
as you can see i get bored and start writing random shit
hhhhhm does i have food or not
shit i dont oh well
il chew on the tree in my back yard or just go emo for a while
emo emo emo emo emo emo emo emo