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heheehe i need no itunes

2008-06-02 22:47:15 by sonicpokemon

i found a way around paying
but its hard to explain so yeah sorry
oh well
soon dragonforce, slayer, metallica will take over
and that will be added to my 290 video game remixes

yea i hate insomnia and genetic stomach pain

2008-06-02 04:31:46 by sonicpokemon

the stomach pain is from my moms side of the family (thanxs mom [sarcasm])
and add insomnia its kinda a problem cause of insomnia im behind on about 11 years of sleep and im always tired

today i expand my horizens

2008-05-31 18:20:55 by sonicpokemon

as you have noticed i went to super hero parodays first instead of sonic and pokemon but today thats gonna change beware as i give good and honest reviews

i would say its a weird time today
i was up till six last night and i slept from 6 to 2 pm
i need more things to do
anyone help me
and yea insomnia was gone for a few mins tonight thats when i fell asleep in a hub for a site
then i woke up and i had the insomnia again
yea tonight will be hell

its a huge game of chase the egg

2008-05-30 20:49:22 by sonicpokemon

i got bored and i made this
so yeah when i get bored i actually work
damn i need to keep myself interested in something
yea i made the banner

but im bored bored bored

2008-05-30 15:40:54 by sonicpokemon

code monkeys pwns
it looks like a video game but thats why it pwns
plus it takes place in the 80's so its bound to be funny
yea just watch it

and also rosario+vampire
my friend sarah told me to watch it so i finally did
its slightly perverted but i guess that will make more newgrounders watch it
it takes place in the world of monsters (yes all the girls are super hot)
its hilarious at times sometimes. its also sometimes lovey dovey. only minimal action though.
the main guy has a pink cell phone (sorry i like to make fun of that) and he has 4 girls in love with him
he is basically hugh hefner

this insomnia is hell

2008-05-30 07:18:13 by sonicpokemon

no sleep no rest no nothing
its making me unhealthy and very bored
its one hellish night after another

i come bering gifts of funny ass comments and reveiws
and yes i iz randoom

who doesnt think this guy pwns

so yea its a wolf so boooyah
and now my chant whoopa chaaaaa

i just started hating myself
1: for not having courage to ask the love of my life out
2: i just stand there when someone is getting beaten
3: im sometimes a coward
4: the things ive done
5: the many people i hurt by accident (emotional and physical)
6: cause my parents are starting to hate me
7: the fact i dont do anything about my problems
8: allowing my anger issues to come back
9: allowing my depression back in
10: ive thought about suicide

call me emo or call me an asshole for whining
i dont give a shit about what you think of me
i just needed to let the feelings out